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Below are comments from Linda's most recent clients:

Sasha Deepwell (client)
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Linda is an excellent consultant with high integrity who really cares about achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients. She is an expert in many aspects of housing - policy, strategy, shared services - and has become a well-deserved market leader in tenant scrutiny. Her approach is always warm and personable - she develops effective relationships with all parties leading to productive outcomes. I thoroughly recommend Linda!” January 17, 2011

John Ken Bury (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Linda has carried out various pieces of work for Eastlands Homes, Manchester and they have all been very well received. During the period I worked for Eastlands, Linda was engaged to review the Customer Involvement function. Linda did a great job with this. She inspired us with fresh new thinking and provided us with some challenging and innovative recommendations. Linda was a joy to work with and delivered everything she said she would do (and more besides!) for a very competitive fee. In my opinion Linda is a first class consultant that delivers and the bonus is that everyone loves working with her!”

Lee Bloomfield (client)
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Linda is a fantastic consultant who I would highly recommend. She has undertaken project work for me at both an operational and strategic level. She deliver high quality work on time, every time. She brings people along with her which helps deliver results.”

Larry Shelbourne (chair), Cobalt Housing Scrutiny Panel
“In April 2011 Cobalt Housing set up a volunteer tenant led Scrutiny Panel. It was agreed by both the panel and Cobalt Housing board that in depth training was required. A number of organisations were invited to tender for the training and mentoring of our new scrutiny panel. Linda Levin Partnership shone above the rest and was appointed.

Linda (Levin) made a real contribution from day one of the training. Her down to earth, non-condescending, and knowledgable approach was an inspiration to the group. Throughout our first (pilot) review Linda’s commitment went the extra mile. Linda made herself readily available, throughout the week, for any queries or problems we may have encountered. Culminating in our first review being highly praised by Cobalt Senior Management Team.I would highly recommend Linda Levin to any organisations setting up new Scrutiny panel or indeed who would like a refresher course for an existing scrutiny panel.”

Andrew Shaw – Lead Scrutineer, Halton Housing Scrutiny Panel
“The training and support I received from Linda was in depth and specific to my needs, but Linda is so good at encouraging the best out of people that the training never seemed like a chore. Myself and the rest of Halton Housing Trust Scrutiny Panel could not have found a more informed, diligent and empathic person to train us and she has set us on our way to being all of those things as a Scrutiny Panel which can't be bad"

High Peak Community Housing
Contact officer: Louise Pearce, Head of Business Services

“Linda has been working with our tenants for over a year now on developing a robust and meaningful scrutiny group so that our organisation can really show how our services have been shaped and tested by the tenants.

From the beginning, the group consisted of people who had previously been involved at different levels in the company and some were resistance to a change of focus but Linda has coached and mentored them along the journey to become the focussed, objective and business like team, we are proud to be associated with. Part of this work included developing with them, the protocols and procedures that suited both them as individuals and for the wider group. It is fair to say there had been some reticence from staff about tenants scrutinising the services but our first scrutiny report was produced earlier this year and everybody has been impressed by their professionalism and approach to their roles. This is in no small part to the work carried out by Linda to lay down such strong foundations on which they can build and develop in the future. With her help, our tenants have developed skills and abilities not just to help the company but also to develop themselves.

As an organisation, we find working with Linda to be constructive and challenging, but always done in a very friendly and supportive way – and the tenants say the same. We are sure that, without her help and expertise, neither our tenants nor we could have accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time.”

Knowsley Housing Trust
Contact officer: Alan Disley, Former Director

“Linda has worked with KHT on a number of projects over the recent years. Linda carried out mock inspections for us as part of HQN and more recently as an independent consultant in the set-up of our Tenant Scrutiny Panel.

Linda has helped us to make some major improvements to our business and can be relied upon to deliver rapid service improvement outcomes. She is particularly able to focus on the needs of our customers and is very experienced in engaging with them with a view to identifying service enhancements. Linda is helping us set up our Tenant Scrutiny Panel and has brought along to us an incredible depth of knowledge around Local Offers, scrutiny and tenant focused performance management that we have used to successfully integrate our panel into the business.

Linda has a positive attitude to her work and shows a great passion to improve the quality of services for customers. With the methods she uses she can identify challenges and build on strengths. She has a personality that enables her to be inclusive and approachable which helps people feel valued and respected for their input.

Linda has project management skills that ensure she is able to meet targets and deliver the results she sets out to achieve.

I would gladly recommend Linda and her team to any organisation looking to improve services, engage with customers, implement change and make a difference. Please contact me should you wish to discuss further.”

Halton Housing Trust
Contact officer: Teresa Tierney, Assistant Director

“The Trust has commissioned Linda Levin to undertake a number of projects over the last couple of years which have included preparation for introduction of Choice Based Lettings, Development of a local offer in Allocations and currently the development of a Customer Scrutiny Panel. Throughout all of these Linda has been 100% committed to ensuring that she delivered these projects in a customer focused, efficient and effective way. Her approach to managing these projects has at the heart of them excellent project management, she has always delivered against the timeline agreed at the start of the projects and has on all occasions built an excellent rapport with customers.

The current project that Linda is leading on relating to the development of Customer Scrutiny Panel is progressing well, with Linda have recruited a number of customers to the panel who have previously not been actively involved with the Trust. Whilst the group is still in the early stages of their development it is clear that the training programme being delivered by Linda is comprehensive and is enabling customers to quickly gain clarity on scrutiny and the their role as members of the Scrutiny Panel. I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda to organizations and the Trust will certainly consider Linda for other projects in the future.”

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