Tenants to Vote for Best Landlords!
Posted by Linda Levin on August 13 2015 20:26:44
This year, CSI Awards has introduced six awards for landlords that will be decided by tenants’ votes.

Essentially, there are two broad categories: Best Landlord UK and Resident Involvement Champion. To make it as fair as possible, awards will be made to three landlords in each of these categories, based on size of their stock (small, medium and large stock holdings).

Linda Levin, Chair of the CSI Awards Judges’ Panel said, “I am delighted that this year we are giving tenants the chance to tell us who they think should be recognised. I don’t think this has been tried before, so it’s a bit scary! But that’s no reason not to give it a go! I really do hope that tenants across the land join in and vote if they think their landlord is providing excellent tenant focused services and is committed to tenant empowerment. In my book, tenants are the best judges of the landlord awards, not me, as they are on the receiving end of their landlords’ services. Many tenants have already cast their vote, but it would be great if more landlords could inform their tenants about this opportunity.”
Voting is really easy and only takes a minute. Tenants should simply visit the CSI awards website and register their vote. If you think your tenants will want to complete a short voting form rather than vote on line, then please email nominations@csiawards.org and a voting form will be sent to you to circulate.

CSI Awards’ website can be found by following this link: Link Further information is displayed on the home page of the website.