Scrutiny Live
Posted by Linda Levin on August 13 2015 20:18:51
Tenants from Soha, New Charter, Community Gateway and Phoenix CH have been working together with the national tenants' organisations and the Centre for Public Scrutiny to tenants' views about key housing policies.

Following extensive consultation with tenants across England, and a series of question time style events at the CIH conference, they have published their findings. Nic Bliss from Confederation of Co-operative Housing, who has been heavily involved in this initiative wrote: "People may recall that a while ago we asked if people wished to complete a survey for Scrutiny Live - and many people did! Many thanks for that. The survey helped us shape the Scrutiny Live event at the CIH conference - and that together with other evidence that had been gathered has led to the report from Scrutiny Live. The exercise has been really positive and many people have been very supportive. We are exploring how to take forward the Scrutiny Live idea because many tenants and others felt it was a useful exercise. Happy to hear if anyone has any ideas?"

Comments and links to the scrutiny live report can be found here: Link