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Grenfell Tower - the paper trail

LLP NewsI have just finished reading an article by Inside Housing Journalist, Pete Apps, about the years leading up to the fire at the Tower. Inside Housing has reviewed 7 years of council reports and minutes, plus budget information and has highlighted the following 3 main strands:

- lack of priority given to residents' concerns
- money saving issues
- failure to fully address fire safety review findings

You can see the full article, plus links to additional information, by clicking on this link: Link

So much to start learning from already, even before the public enquiry report is produced. More importantly, so much action to take starting now...especially when it comes to health and safety and listening properly to residents.

Grenfell Tower Fire - Regulator's Letter

LLP NewsThe Homes and Communities Agency - the regulator - has published a letter setting out its role and responsibilities in relation to regulating housing providers. The letter was sent to the national tenants' organisations and other agencies and is intended for all tenants.

There is nothing new in the letter - however, it is a reminder to registered landlords (mainly stock owning councils and housing associations) that tenant safety should not be compromised by the affordability of any necessary works.

The regulator is waiting for the reports from the Grenfell Tower inquiry before deciding what action to take against Kensington and Chelsea Council.

The HCA has promised further updates. Please follow this link to see a full copy of the letter: Link

Benefit to Society

LLP NewsOxfordshire based housing association, Soha, is working with other like minded associations to challenge the media's negative stereotypes of tenants. This article in the Journalist magazine (August 2017) provides more information. Follow this link to download a copy of the Journal and the article Link

Also you can find out more on Twitter using #Benefittosociety Link

Revised Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard

LLP NewsThe HCA published a revised version of the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard in July 2017. The change made relates to consultation requirements when landlords are pursuing a merger or are considering other significant changes that affect tenants. Click on the link to see the full version - paragraph 2.2.3 is the part that has been changed. Link

Two housing associations' governance gradings under review

LLP NewsToday the Homes and Communities Agency has announced that two housing associations' regulatory grading are under review. The associations involved are Central and Cecil Housing Trust and Gentoo Group Ltd. Link

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2016!

Linda x

CSI Awards 2015 - the results

CSI Awards 2015 - the resultsCSI Awards UK, which celebrates and recognises the fantastic work carried out by tenants and resident across the country, held their second awards event on 22nd October 2015.

Guests who joined the celebrations included Councillor Ann O’Byrne, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool and Liverpool Homeless FC, which engages homeless men and women through football.

There were 12 award categories for tenants and residents who are involved in scrutiny, inspection and complaints resolution. In addition, this year’s event included a category for Best Landlord, decided by a national tenants’ vote. Read on to find out more about the results.....

CSI Awards 2015

CSI Awards 2015 This year's CSI Awards will take place at the Run Warehouse/Titanic Hotel in Liverpool.

I am delighted that so many tenants, residents, special guests and sponsors will be attending to join the celebrations, recognising the fantastic achievement of scrutiny and complaints panels, tenant inspectors and inspiring individual tenants.

The short lists for each category can be found on the CSI Awards website Link

Our special guests this evening include Councillor Ann O'Byrne, Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Linda Higgs from the Tenant Empowerment Unit at CLG and Steve Barton and John Finnegan from Liverpool Homeless Football Club.

Good luck to all of the fabulous finalists and I hope they have a wonderful evening.

Results will be posted here and on the CSI Awards website in the coming days.

Scrutiny Live on Youtube!

LLP NewsPlease follow this link to see short film on Youtube about the Scrutiny Live initiative: Link

Tenants to Vote for Best Landlords!

Tenants to Vote for Best Landlords!This year, CSI Awards has introduced six awards for landlords that will be decided by tenants’ votes.

Essentially, there are two broad categories: Best Landlord UK and Resident Involvement Champion. To make it as fair as possible, awards will be made to three landlords in each of these categories, based on size of their stock (small, medium and large stock holdings).

Linda Levin, Chair of the CSI Awards Judges’ Panel said, “I am delighted that this year we are giving tenants the chance to tell us who they think should be recognised. I don’t think this has been tried before, so it’s a bit scary! But that’s no reason not to give it a go! I really do hope that tenants across the land join in and vote if they think their landlord is providing excellent tenant focused services and is committed to tenant empowerment. In my book, tenants are the best judges of the landlord awards, not me, as they are on the receiving end of their landlords’ services. Many tenants have already cast their vote, but it would be great if more landlords could inform their tenants about this opportunity.”
Voting is really easy and only takes a minute. Tenants should simply visit the CSI awards website and register their vote. If you think your tenants will want to complete a short voting form rather than vote on line, then please email nominations@csiawards.org and a voting form will be sent to you to circulate.

CSI Awards’ website can be found by following this link: Link Further information is displayed on the home page of the website.

Scrutiny Live

LLP NewsTenants from Soha, New Charter, Community Gateway and Phoenix CH have been working together with the national tenants' organisations and the Centre for Public Scrutiny to tenants' views about key housing policies.

Following extensive consultation with tenants across England, and a series of question time style events at the CIH conference, they have published their findings. Nic Bliss from Confederation of Co-operative Housing, who has been heavily involved in this initiative wrote: "People may recall that a while ago we asked if people wished to complete a survey for Scrutiny Live - and many people did! Many thanks for that. The survey helped us shape the Scrutiny Live event at the CIH conference - and that together with other evidence that had been gathered has led to the report from Scrutiny Live. The exercise has been really positive and many people have been very supportive. We are exploring how to take forward the Scrutiny Live idea because many tenants and others felt it was a useful exercise. Happy to hear if anyone has any ideas?"

Comments and links to the scrutiny live report can be found here: Link
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